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Business Travel, And Why You Need To Jump On It

As someone who has been consulting software customers, and later designing software products, I have spent a decent amount of my professional life on the road. A couple years ago, I spent around six months visiting vacation rental property managers’

How to Get Your Pricing Strategy Right

In the hospitality industry, getting your pricing strategy right while avoiding being undercut by your competitors is a complex task that requires your constant attention. Furthermore, creating the right pricing strategy for your vacation rental management company can be quite difficult, given

Top Vacation Rental Strategies to Maximize Your Profit

Increasing the profitability of a vacation rental management company rarely calls for drastic measures. A few small changes to some key areas of your business can deliver much better results than cutting back on important services, like housekeeping and maintenance,

7 Tactics to Beat Your Vacation Rental Competition

Vacation rentals have already become a popular accommodation alternative to hotels and resorts. But the popularity of vacation rentals is projected to rise even more over the coming years. While this may mean good news for the companies operating within

Bring the Guest Experience to the Modern Age

Originally inspired by the work of sci-fi writers and artists, advanced technologies are no longer fiction (or magic). From contactless payments to virtual tours and self check-ins and check-outs, today’s technologies can play a number of different roles in the

Top Reasons a Multilingual Website Could Benefit Your Business

These days, delivering a great guest experience goes beyond offering certain services and amenities. Every single detail, including the comfort, convenience, and enjoyment you offer to guests, could turn a satisfactory experience into one they’ll remember as extraordinary.

Ways to Make Your Payment Process Easy and Safe for Your Guests

As we discussed in a previous article, most of today’s travelers prefer using digital payment methods, which range from credit and debit cards to e-checks and e-wallets. While accepting different types of payments could help you attract more guests, people

Vacation Rental Market Trends to Watch in 2023

If we were to describe the vacation rental market in one word, “ever-evolving” would probably be the best term to use. Year after year, lodging management companies are challenged to keep pace with changing market conditions, new guest expectations, and

Why You Should Choose Credit and Debit Card Payments Instead of Cash and Personal Checks

After the holidays, most lodging management companies see things slow down for a little bit. Although a seasonal slowdown may translate into fewer guests and lower revenue, you can use this time to focus on other aspects, such as finding

How to Use “Google Business Profile” to Get More Guests in 2023

Currently, people can use different search engines to look for information online. However, about 80% of internet users and 95% of mobile users turn to Google in order to find the information they need. This makes Google the most popular

Metasearch Engines vs OTAs: Which Are Better for Your Business

If you’re new to vacation rental management, “OTAs” and “metasearch engines” are two terms you’ve probably come across recently. Although OTAs, as well as metasearch engines, enable travelers to search for and book accommodation, flights, car rentals, and even travel

Loyalty Program Must-Haves That Millennials and Gen Zers Will Value

According to industry sources, Millennials and Gen Zers (also known as Zoomers) are slated to be the largest group of consumers by 2030. Since the influence of these two age cohorts will continue to grow, it only makes sense for