Originally inspired by the work of sci-fi writers and artists, advanced technologies are no longer fiction (or magic). From contactless payments to virtual tours and self check-ins and check-outs, today’s technologies can play a number of different roles in the hospitality industry. But the number one reason why technology is rapidly becoming a mainstay for lodging businesses across multiple sizes and categories is that it can fundamentally change the guest experience.  

Depending on the technologies employed, a vacation rental management company can always be one step ahead of its competitors. Despite what some may think, that doesn’t necessarily mean investing in AI-powered solutions. It rather means opting for advanced vacation rental management software that can differentiate your business from your competition, while also helping you earn more and stress less. In this article, we’ll show you how you can use a comprehensive yet user-friendly and relatively affordable end-to-end vacation rental management software solution, like JANIIS, to take the guest experience to the next level.

Enhancing the Guest Experience through Instant Messaging

Compared to generic text messaging platforms, a lodging management system, which includes instant messaging tools specifically developed for vacation rental management companies, centralizes all the messages in one location. As a result, the system offers you an easier, more cost-effective, and intuitive way to interact with your guests. Beyond this, by using our system, you’ll be able to deliver your guests the exact kind of experience they expect. That’s because not only are the people from younger as well as older generations already accustomed to receiving information via messaging platforms; most of them prefer this communication method to other options.   

In addition, the instant messaging features integrated into our platform will enable you to respond to any number of guest messages simultaneously, with virtually no capacity constraints. Thus, besides shortening guest wait times, our system will allow you and your staff to provide quick responses, address complaints right away, and solve problems in a timely manner. These are some of the top drivers of guest satisfaction.

Enticing Guests with Affordable Nightly Rates without Sacrificing Revenue

As more and more travelers are booking vacation rental properties that offer them the lowest rate at the time of booking, the use of dynamic pricing tools has become increasingly common among vacation rental management companies. One way to respond to this change in traveler behavior is to choose a vacation rental software system that can help you get more guests by:

  • Importing all of your listings so the dynamic pricing tool can automatically set the best nightly rate for each vacation rental you manage;
  • Offering guests the lowest rate possible, based on seasonality, local demand, day of the week, length of stay, and other factors;
  • Developing different pricing strategies and customizing them based on real-time market data. 

Impressing Guests with Perfectly Clean Properties

In the world of hospitality, there is nothing worse than a guest showing up at a dirty property. Luckily, JANIIS can help you ensure that your vacation rentals are ready before guests arrive.

To begin with, you can use our system to set a series of customized cleaning and maintenance rules for each vacation rental you oversee. Based on those rules, the system will then generate cleaning and maintenance tasks automatically. In addition, our system includes a series of tools that enable you to schedule and assign cleaning and maintenance tasks based on each property’s availability/reservation data, and also to check the status of each property. This way, you can rest assured knowing that each task is assigned to the right person, whether he or she is one of your employees or a third-party service provider, and completed on time.  

Improving Guest Satisfaction with Self Check-in and Check-out

Thanks to the latest self check-in/check-out technologies, gone are the days when you had to sit around in your office, waiting for guests to arrive. Also, your guests won’t have to wait for you to hand over the keys upon departure or try and locate the drop off box. As your guests won’t feel bound to your schedule, they’ll be able to choose a more suitable check-in/check-out time for them. What’s more, you can now use other smart home solutions to remotely turn on the lights, HVAC system, and other appliances at the properties you manage before guests arrive and offer them the best check-in experience possible. 

When it comes to guest satisfaction, providing amazing guest experiences is the ultimate goal. While most vacation rental management companies focus on complex processes, in reality, meeting or exceeding guest expectations is often less complicated than it may first seem. In the end, it all comes down to eliminating or at least reducing friction as much as possible. As guests typically experience friction across all touchpoints and all phases of their journey, using the aforementioned technologies and providing a comprehensive digital guidebook along with a straightforward and safe payment process is often all it takes to enhance the overall guest experience, increase engagement, and build loyalty.

As a premier solution in the industry, JANIIS offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to bring the guest experience to the modern age. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to show you why so many vacation rental management companies choose JANIIS!