Sometimes owners may conclude they’ve outgrown their property manager when the real problem is that the PMC has outgrown its management software.

Why is Janiis your best option?

Today’s vacation rental management software options often are complex and outdated, hampered by their old legacy software code that handcuffs innovation. They more than likely expand features or products to customers by purchasing them, quickly jamming what other companies built into what they already have. Examples of “profit over product” like this always ensures a lower quality experience in order to quickly sell something to users, proving a profit-first approach. The complete absence or misrepresentation of accounting functionalities is rampant, and you can expect a burdensome, expensive onboarding processes with these software options which poses significant challenges to managers.

Purpose built.

Janiis, crafted from hundreds of hours of direct observation of property managers, is built on advanced technology tailored for the short-term and vacation rental sectors. The first and foundational product that Janiis built is its native accounting system, designed for exact financial control to the cent. This accounting heart boosts all Janiis functionalities, complemented by an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface that can be mastered in just an afternoon.

Faster onboarding.

Janiis dramatically speeds up software onboarding with its native, proprietary tools, reducing the typical 3-6 month timeline to just 2-3 weeks. The transition to new software no longer has to be painful. With onboarding be an industry glaring issue, it was easy to commit to invest in building specific tools to optimize, and create a whole new shorter timeline. Customers have 24-hour transparent access to an organized onboarding progress – another massive industry complaint solved. 

Increased confidence.

Managers who are confident with the financial numbers their software provides make the best decisions. Owners who are happy with their payout calculations and the detailed information they’re provided with, are more confident in their manager. If you’ve outgrown your software and are struggling with the accounting of managing units, know you can gain efficiencies with better process and feel you are treading above water as you grow, switch to Janiis.

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