Sometimes owners may conclude they’ve outgrown their property manager when the real problem is that the PMC has outgrown its management software.

A good property manager provides the information an owner wants and needs. No more, no less.

There is no reason to deluge an owner with details if they don’t want or need them. But it is essential to be able to provide those details when an owner asks for them. Owners need to be confident that you know one from the other. Owners and managers want a software solution that’s simple, yet powerful.

Purpose built.

Many versions of vacation and property management software is overly complex, slow, or confusing. Often, they’re based on decades-old, legacy code borrowed from other industries. And many have outdated accounting or onboarding features. So, scaling to keep pace with growth can be difficult or impossible, which means having to upgrade or switch software.

Faster onboarding.

Janiis was built for Property Managers (and developers) by Property Managers with up-to-date code and experience that’s unique to the property management industry. Janiis’s simple, powerful, and efficient software offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that increases accuracy (down to the penny), minimizes the learning curve, overcomes technical barriers, and streamlines onboarding.

Increased confidence.

Managers who are confident with the numbers and insights their PMS provides know what and how much to share with owners. Owners who are happy with their distributions and the information they’re provided are more confident in their manager. If you’ve outgrown your software and are struggling to deal with more frequent bookings or larger clients with more properties, switch to Janiis.

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