As someone who has been consulting software customers, and later designing software products, I have spent a decent amount of my professional life on the road. A couple years ago, I spent around six months visiting vacation rental property managers’ offices around the country. The irony was, most of the time I would stay in hotels. And then came Lake Tahoe, where my travel partner in crime (now JANIIS co-founder), Jason, and I decided to try out our collective first Airbnb (a phenomenal lake-side house).

It was by far the best business accommodations either of us had ever experienced. Fast internet, comfortable decor, amazing sofas, and a TV package that wipes the floor of any hotel chain (we watched at least a half-dozen episodes of HBO’s Vice); it was perfect for our trip. So, imagine my surprise when I see that this property is a few amenities short of being eligible for Airbnb’s “Business Travel Ready” designation!

Over the past few months, Airbnb has pushed the business travel designation, and with its easily-attainable requirements, there is no reason to not make the effort to get that suitcase badge.

Why Is Airbnb Obsessed With Business Travel?

The simple answer is: they can be. Not to get too bogged down in the economics of these things, but there are like 83 million reasons why Airbnb is valued higher than any hotel chain: because the business traveler of tomorrow – millennials – prefer the vacation rental experience over stuffy hotels. 2eddae_63d060be15b24e449b15d4d6fad8b6aa~mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2

In the same vein, Airbnb wants to make sure their inventory, aka your inventory, gives business travelers a comparable set of creature comforts while offering the opportunity of actually experiencing the city. Basically, they understand that there are still a lot of dollars out there for them to suck up, corporate credit card bucks not being the least of which.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Business Travel Ready?


As I mentioned earlier, the requirements are fairly easy to meet. Airbnb has posted a great help article here. It comes down to having a basic set of amenities and have a history of fast response rates, and high guest ratings and reviews. Airbnb reviews listings on a rolling basis to determine whether or not they meet the guidelines. A few of the key restrictions are: it needs to be the entire space, no smoking, and no pets can be at the residence at the time of the stay. .

What Will This Do
For Me And My Listing?

As you can see, Airbnb has provided a nice iconified explanation of what is in it for you. The most important point that this image makes is the access to a segment of travelers that book on your slow days, namely Monday through Thursday.

If Airbnb made this a difficult feat, there would be an argument against chasing that sexy suitcase icon. But as it stands today, they’re essentially handing you a way to make more money. With the leisure travel trends shifting toward this new sharing economy, it’s only logical to think that business travel will follow. I know I never want to stay in a hotel again.

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