JANIIS CEO and Short Term/Vacation Rental Industry Expert Jason Hahn explains what JANIIS is, and why modern property managers love our next-generation vacation rental software. Ask yourself these 5 questions to see if JANIIS is right for you!

Technology has changed the way people plan their vacations and business trips. Since most reservations are completed entirely online these days, running a successful vacation rental management company wouldn’t be possible without having the right lodging management system on your side.

JANIIS is a unique lodging management software solution that is ready to scale up with your business. If you wonder why you should choose this system as your partner for your vacation rental management journey ahead, here are 5 questions and answers that explain why JANIIS could be the right choice for your company.

Q1: How Many Short-Term Rentals Do You Manage?

JANIIS has been specifically designed for vacation rental management companies managing up to 250 units. Integrated with a variety of modules and third-party solutions, which range from dynamic pricing tools to keyless entry systems, our platform allows property managers to enjoy the total freedom and flexibility of managing different single- and multi-unit rental properties from virtually anywhere.

Even though our system has been developed for companies managing up to 250 properties, it can be adapted to evolve in line with your changing business needs. Regardless of how much and how fast your workload increases or decreases over time, our software solution will remain stable, and your company will only be paying for what it needs; no more, no less. 

Q2: What Channels Do You Use to Advertise the Properties You Manage?

Equipped with a robust set of smart features, JANIIS is the perfect solution for expanding the online presence of your vacation rentals. Regardless of how many channels (OTAs) you use to advertise your properties, our system allows you to view all reservations across all channels on one central dashboard. Since any changes made on one channel will automatically be updated on the other channels instantly, you no longer have to switch back and forth between the vacation rental listing platforms you use.

In addition, our software solution allows you to:

  • automate multiple rates based on seasonality across all channels;
  • change rates and accept reservations from all your listings on one centralized calendar;
  • block off certain booking periods simultaneously on all channels for the properties that aren’t available;
  • respond to guest inquiries;
  • request payments;
  • completely eliminate certain errors, such as overbooking or double bookings;
  • communicate via text as well as email.

Last but not least, managing your vacation rentals in one single view can save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on cross-checking availabilities and updating the booking calendar on each vacation rental listing platform.

Q3: Are You Looking to Gain More Leads and Grow Your Business?

If you’re looking for the best software solution for growth, JANIIS is one of the most effective systems you can find nowadays. Each of our modules has been specifically designed to ensure that your business can grow from 1 to 50, from 50 to 100, and from 100 to 250 properties across any popular and not-so-popular vacation rental listing sites that you use.

Since JANIIS cuts down manual tasks and complicated processes, it can minimize your workload and maximize the overall guest experience while you’re growing your business. You can also find out how your business is performing thanks to the real-time insights that are available to you anytime you want. With the help of a wide variety of sophisticated tools, our reporting module gives you all the information you need to make smarter and faster decisions about both your business and the vacation rentals you manage.

Accounting is another difficult part you’ll have to deal with when managing vacation rental properties. The accounting module included in our system, which ensures that all the statements are updated automatically and reflected instantly in the accounting and reporting dashboards, allows you to keep track of any processes and financial information, including payments, values, transfer statuses, recipients, and dates, etc.

Q4: Are You Hoping to Make Your Staff and Processes More Efficient?

You can use our lodging management software to create different roles for multiple users within the platform and assign specific permissions to them. Consequently, you’ll be able to delegate less important tasks to your staff, so you can spend more time on things that require your expertise, while still having complete control over everything.

Additionally, our CRM module makes it easy to stay in touch with prospective and current guests. Not only will a unified inbox allow you to manage all emails, texts, chats, and even direct messages received through OTAs from one dashboard; the system can also be set up to automate any communication between you and your guests.

Q5: How Long Does It Take to Get the System Up and Running? 

The good news is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our system. Since JANIIS is built to integrate seamlessly with different software solutions and tools, it can be set up in a matter of days.

Currently, JANIIS offers all the vacation rental management tools you might need to run your business efficiently under one roof. To learn more about our leading end-to-end solution, contact us today!