Managing vacation rentals can be a very exciting business activity. That’s because you’re involved in an industry where the level of service you provide can make or break a guest’s experience. If you’re passionate about providing excellent services, you can make guests as well as property owners happy. This, in turn, will bring you glowing reviews and more business. 

But to get the positive reviews you’re looking for, it’s important to offer guests exactly what they expect; namely, a memorable experience. As you may already know, an immaculately clean vacation rental is an important part of ensuring your guests will have the best stay possible.

Luckily, you can now find a variety of vacation rental cleaning apps, which are able to simplify your vacation rental cleaning operations, while also taking much of the guesswork and stress out of running your business.

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Apps for the Properties You Manage

The extensive app choices available nowadays can make it quite difficult to select the right solution for your business. However, you can still choose an app that perfectly fits your business needs. The secret is to consider the level of service required by guests and property owners.  

Once you know this aspect, you can check the features of different apps in order to determine which one suits your purpose. To help you with your selection, here are the most important features you should take into account when selecting a vacation rental cleaning app.


Currently, many apps include a series of tools that you can use to automate even the most tedious tasks on your to-do list. For instance, some vacation rental cleaning apps allow you to automate task scheduling, which basically means that you can pre-assign jobs to specific cleaners. You can also create and customize different cleaning schedules and checklists, update current tasks, and add new ones. Since you can set up the app to notify cleaners automatically of any updates, they’ll never miss anything while cleaning properties. Even better, you no longer have to reach out to them every time you add or change information.

PMS Integration

This feature allows you to sync data from lodging management software, so you can manage and control different housekeeping tasks for multiple properties from one user-friendly hub. If you choose an app that integrates completely with the lodging management software solution you use, you can configure it to notify all users of new bookings, cancellations, comments, maintenance requests, and other updates.

Remote Inspections

Some apps also allow for remote inspections, which means that you don’t have to inspect properties in person after every clean. You can also set up the app to require cleaners to upload and send photos before they can mark a task as completed. 

Real-Time Reporting and Communication

Real-time reporting is another great feature that cleaners can use in order to report different issues. Some apps also enable cleaners to upload photos and videos of any problems identified, and even leave a note for extra details. 

Payment Processing

By using this feature, you can pay third-party cleaners as soon as a cleaning job has been completed. Paying your cleaners right away may persuade them to prioritize your properties, which may come in handy particularly when you need emergency cleaning services, like in the case of same-day or back-to-back reservations, or when a pipe bursts during a guest’s stay. 

Built-In Cleaner Marketplace

A built-in marketplace is another useful feature that you can use to search for cleaning services in your area.

Besides saving you a lot of time, a vacation rental cleaning app that includes all or at least some of these features can bring back the joy and freedom you wanted when you first started your business. To help you find the right cleaning app for the properties you manage, here are our top picks.

TurnoverBnB – With this app, you can schedule different cleaning jobs, find cleaners when you need them, and make payments automatically. 

Properly – This app makes available a series of customizable checklists, which follow the cleaning and disinfection protocols set forth by government agencies and different vacation rental listing sites. By using Properly, you can ensure that every vacation rental you manage is cleaned to a very high standard.

Breezeway – Besides allowing you to automate a series of cleaning, inspection, and maintenance tasks, Breezeway can help you comply with strict cleaning and safety protocols. 

Handy – This app gives you access to a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services. Because it offers instant booking for a wide range of cleaning and maintenance tasks, Handy is a good emergency backup when the services that you usually use aren’t available.

The main role of a vacation rental cleaning app is to make the lives of property managers, owners, and cleaners easier, so they can focus on the most important thing for them: their guests. To learn more about how you can manage all the vacation rental properties you oversee from one place with the help of a comprehensive lodging management solution, book a free demo today!