What is the first thing you do in the morning? Go for a hike? A bike ride? A quick jog on the beach?

Not likely- we bet the first thing you do is check your email. Chances are high your inbox is overflowing at 6am too. You live and work in the most beautiful places on earth, but you can’t enjoy them because you’re checking your phone to make sure maintenance fixed the AC unit before the guest is supposed to check in in a few hours. Then, once you make it into the office, you’re forever staring at a computer screen. Most likely updating pricing for your properties one by one. You tell yourself you’re going to go for a walk at lunch, or go swimming when you get home, but then something like a double booking takes up your whole day. The next thing you know it’s 9pm. You go home, exhausted, fall asleep, and your day as a property manager starts all over again.


We think the first thing you should do in the morning is enjoy where you live. You should be able to wake up, and versus anxiously check your email, look up the weather to see where you should go hiking. Or how cold it is outside so you know how to dress for your morning run. Or the surf report to see which beach to hit. Or hey, sleep peacefully for once! Instead, you’re too busy dealing with each individual problem of running your business.

JANIIS is not just a platform, but a partner. It’s an empowering system that helps you effortlessly manage your properties. With just a glance you can see whether or not a unit has been cleaned, or update a price for multiple properties in two seconds, or add a couple new pictures for a property across multiple channels, and that’s not even the half of it!


Jump on in, the software’s great.