On the bright side, however, the vacation rental market is one of the few industry sectors that can offer guests more flexibility in terms of check-in and check-out times and procedures. Because a smooth check-in process is an important part of an excellent guest experience, this article presents the most important aspects you should consider and a few measures you could implement for a stress-free check-in process.

Send Check-In Instructions before the Guest Arrives

A point worth mentioning is that the guest experience starts even before the guest arrives at the vacation rental that he or she booked. Since the check-in process can be quite complex in some cases, it’s best to prepare your guests by sending them a pre-arrival email or text that includes all the details they should know before they arrive at the property. This will help you eliminate confusion and head off many questions the guests might have.

Another way to provide check-in instructions is to include them in your digital guidebook. For a seamless experience for both you and your guests, a great idea would be to use a complete software solution, like JANIIS. In addition to automating different operations, including sending emails and messages to guests, our system is integrated with Operto, which is a software solution that you can use to create your own branded digital guidebook. The greatest thing about developing a digital guidebook is that future guests will be able to access it even before their arrival.

Create Detailed Instructions 

When writing your check-in instructions, make sure they’re succinct, but also answer as many questions as possible, so your guests can focus less on logistics and more on enjoying their vacation. Here is a list of the most important details you should include in your check-in instructions:

  • The address of the property;
  • The check-in time agreed upon;
  • Maps with driving directions from popular transportation hubs, including nearby airports, train stations, bus stops, and major roads;
  • Parking instructions;
  • Your contact information, so the guests can reach you if something goes wrong with the check-in process;
  • Self check-in options, if available; 
  • Additional helpful information, including any access codes required, Wi-Fi passwords, and house rules the guest should be aware of right after checking-in.

Regardless of how many details you provide, some guests might still have questions about the check-in process or other aspects. Make sure that you provide them with fast and complete answers. With the help of our software solution, not only can you rest assured knowing that you’ll never miss a message from your guests, but you’ll also be able to automate most of the communication with them.

Consider Self Check-In Technologies

While greeting guests with a smile and handing over the keys in person could help you create a more personalized guest experience, increasing numbers of travelers prefer the convenience offered by self check-in technologies. Besides allowing guests to enter the vacation rentals they’ve booked as soon as they arrive, a self check-in system also translates into more privacy and more flexible check-in times. This can make the entire check-in process more comfortable for your guests. 

However, self check-in solutions, which can streamline the check-in process significantly, don’t just make guests happy. They also free up your time and decrease your operating costs. Nowadays, you can make it easy for your guests to check themselves in by simply opting for lockboxes, smart locks, or keypads. If you use any of these solutions, remember to update combinations and codes between stays in order to keep your properties secure.

Whether you need to handle multiple check-ins simultaneously, or your check-in process isn’t that efficient, guests are quick to complain about a less-than-perfect check-in experience. Luckily, the lodging management software you’re going to choose for your vacation rental management company can help you prevent most of those complaints.

Integrated with a series of dedicated software solutions, a complete lodging management system, like JANIIS, can make the check-in process a breeze. Besides allowing you to automate tasks, look up reservations whenever you need, and access guest and reservation information at a glance, our system is also equipped with a comprehensive smart-home solution, which includes a series of features for the complete remote control of the properties you manage. But the greatest advantage of using our system is that you don’t need to reconcile data between different software solutions. Since JANIIS is seamlessly integrated with different tools and apps, it offers a fully automatic system, which ensures a completely frictionless experience for you, your staff, and your guests. To learn more about our system, please watch our demo video or schedule a personalized demo with our experts today!