Finding out the answer to this question is important because it can also help you understand how to make this metasearch engine work in your favor. Now, let’s dive deeper into the reasons why a traveler will use GVR and how this can benefit your vacation rental management company. 

GVR Allows Users to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental Faster

According to a report published by Statista last year, Google dominates the global search engine market with a market share of 92.47%. This means that billions of people from all over the world use Google every single day to find the products, services, and/or information they need. Besides delivering reliable information, Google is also the most expansive data platform. Therefore, many people turn to it to look for, compare, and book trips and accommodations around the globe as well.

To help travelers, Google developed Google Travel, which provides all the essentials someone might need in order to find the most popular vacation destinations along with the most advantageous flights and accommodation options. In addition, this metasearch engine shows more search results for a specific location than any of the OTAs available today. As a result, people no longer need to access multiple OTAs in order to plan their vacations. This means that Google Travel can actually help travelers make better decisions faster.

By simply putting your vacation rentals on GVR, which is part of Google Travel, you can promote your listings to a wider audience. While the travelers who use Google Travel will be able to view your properties’ photos, descriptions, prices, reviews, and rates on GVR, they’ll need to visit your website in order to book the vacation rentals they’re interested in. Not only will this drive more direct bookings; it will also increase your site’s visibility, which can lead to a higher number of direct bookings that may generate more revenue for your company. 

GVR Offers a Convenient Way to Search for Vacation Rentals

Nowadays, travelers want to know exactly what they’re getting into before they book a vacation rental. For this reason, GVR makes available a comprehensive set of filters that travelers can use to refine their search results. In addition to filtering search results around a specific destination and travel dates, a user can sort properties based on specific criteria, such as the type of property, price, amenities, number of rooms, and ratings.

An important thing to know is that the listings on GVR include fewer details than the listings published on OTA platforms. However, all of your listing pages will have a “visit website” button that users can click to access your company’s website and get more information about the properties they intend to book. Additionally, GVR allows users to quickly locate vacation rentals on Google Maps—a feature that isn’t available on OTA websites.

Since GVR makes it easier to select vacation rentals, it can significantly improve the overall guest experience. As we all know, a positive guest experience often results in good reviews. A large number of positive reviews will help your vacation rental management company build brand reputation, gain trust, and increase guest loyalty.

GVR Automatically Syncs with Google Accounts

Google Travel includes a series of features that can make the vacation planning process less stressful and more convenient. For instance, when a traveler with a Google account books a vacation rental via GVR, he or she will get automatic email reminders of the upcoming trip. The user can also add reminders to Google Calendar, customize travel recommendations, create and bookmark different travel plans, set up Google Flights alerts that could help him or her take advantage of different flight deals, and check the weather forecast for the locations that he or she will be visiting, among other things.

Not only does Google allow travelers who book via GVR to tap straight into the convenience factor, but it also enables your company to rank alongside major hotels and lodging companies at no extra cost. Putting your company on a level playing field with the big guys without paying any additional fees may allow you to save a lot of money you can use to grow your business.

By simply adding GVR to your marketing strategy, you can expect to reap some nice benefits. However, as the vacation rental industry continues to evolve and more solutions become available, having a reliable lodging management system to streamline all of your business operations and different integrations and channels has never been more important than now.