Right now, cleanliness and disinfection are taken more seriously than ever before. In fact, the cleanliness and disinfection of hotel rooms and vacation rentals have been two of the most important, if not the most important aspects of the hospitality industry since 2020. And that’s saying a lot.

To stay on top of the vacation rental cleanliness and disinfection standards, vacation rental managers must regularly check the guidelines and recommendations from the federal and local governments as well as EPA and CDC. Health and safety aside, cleanliness and hygiene are two decisive factors in drawing potential guests. While cleaners are generally responsible for cleaning vacation rental properties properly, it’s the duty of the property manager to ensure they have the cleaning equipment and supplies necessary in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time frame possible. To help, we’ve put together a list of the most essential cleaning supplies that most vacation rental managers find useful and effective.

Cloths and Sponges

Most professional cleaners use microfiber cloths to get rid of dust, dirt, grease, liquids, and bacteria. Made from millions of fibers, these cloths can trap dirt like nothing else. As well, they can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces, including TV screens, electronics, windows, countertops, and floors. The fact that these cloths can be washed and reused hundreds of times is another big plus.

Some other great cleaning tools you should add to your list are sponges. Non-abrasive sponges can be used for gentle, non-scratch cleaning of delicate surfaces, while heavy-duty sponges are more appropriate for cleaning surfaces that need a thorough scrubbing. As well, you should invest in a few melamine sponges, also known as Magic Erasers. These sponges are totally safe to use on different surfaces, including walls, floors, and countertops, and can help cleaners reduce cleaning time significantly.

In addition to microfiber cloths and sponges, a professional window cleaning kit with a telescopic pole can save your staff a lot of time and effort, especially if the vacation rentals they need to clean have a lot of windows. As well, sanitizing buckets and cleaning caddies could help cleaners to be more efficient and organized.

Floor Cleaning Tools

From standard brooms, brushes, mops, and buckets to smart vacuum cleaners, you can choose a wide range of floor cleaning tools and accessories that can deliver a superior clean. Regardless of the products you intend to purchase, make sure that you always consider their quality. After all, only the best tools will help your cleaners keep the vacation rentals you manage sparkling. 

Surface Cleaning Chemicals

Since choosing the right chemicals for the properties you manage can be quite confusing, here is a succinct guide to the cleaning solutions you should get.  

Carpet Cleaner – A peroxide-based carpet cleaner is the ideal product for keeping carpets and area rugs clean and stain-free. Besides being appropriate as a multi-use solution for regular carpet cleaning as well as tough carpet problems, a peroxide-based cleaner can be safely used on different surfaces and fabrics, including synthetics and wool. 

Bathroom Cleaner – Professional acid-based cleaners are the best products for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms. These products clean and disinfect surfaces, while also removing soap scum and limescale. Some of the industries trusted brands are lysol and ecolab. 

Kitchen Cleaner – Most professional kitchen cleaning products contain sodium hydroxide. Those products can easily cut through grease and stains without leaving any residue behind. Sodium hydroxide-based products can also be used for routine drain cleaning.

Window Cleaner – Peroxide- and alcohol-based products are best for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

Odor Eliminator – Nothing turns off a guest quicker than the distinct smell of mold, smoke, or a heavy air freshener. So, make sure that you check your vacation rentals for foul odors and be mindful of the cleaning products and air deodorizers you buy. To combat or prevent unpleasant odors, instruct the cleaners to use an odor eliminator between guests.

The easiest way to choose cleaning chemicals for vacation rentals is to use the List N Tool, which contains a list of EPA-approved disinfectants. After launching the tool, you can sort the products by their active ingredients, type of surface, and contact time required.

Nowadays, all the businesses involved in the hospitality industry have to make cleanliness a top priority. Besides creating a positive first impression on guests, a vacation rental that’s been properly cleaned and disinfected prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses. But to ensure a higher standard of cleanliness and safety for the properties you manage, not only should you buy the right cleaning supplies; you should also train your cleaning staff on the proper use of cleaning and disinfecting products as well as PPE.

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