As an example, a lodging management software solution integrated with an advanced content management system can assist your company in achieving its full profit potential. At first glance, content management may not seem as important as other areas of your business, such as channel management, revenue management, booking management, and payment processing. However, content management is one of the factors that can make or break a lodging company.

To answer the question of whether your company needs a content management system, we’ll use this article to show you how the right solution can make your business stand out from the crowd, increase the number of bookings you get, and boost your revenue and profit.  

What Is a Content Management System?

Shortly referred to as CMS, the content management system was initially developed to help people create websites with little to no technical knowledge, skills, and resources. In addition to assisting people with site infrastructure, a CMS can be used to create, manage, modify, and publish more relevant content, which results in more leads and conversions. Over the years, these systems have been altered to address the needs of different businesses, including lodging companies. 

The Benefits of Opting for a Content Management System

The content management systems specifically designed for lodging companies provide all the tools these businesses need in order to successfully manage their listings on their own websites as well as different OTAs. Here are the most important advantages to using a CMS as part of your lodging management solution.

Improved financial performance – Similar to other industry sectors, in the hospitality industry, content has emerged as one of the best ways to attract and persuade consumers to take the desired action. To help lodging companies get more bookings and revenue, implicitly, advanced content management systems make available a series of tools that can be used to automate different content-related activities, such as email marketing, content distribution, social media campaigns, etc. Furthermore, some solutions offer additional tools, like the content score tool. By measuring and ranking the quality of your listings and any other type of content that you produce to advertise the properties you manage, this tool can indirectly assist you in identifying what’s missing and how you can create more meaningful higher-quality content. Consistent and relevant content will help you direct your marketing strategies toward your target audience more accurately and generate a greater impact on the travelers who are more likely to book your vacation rentals. All these will eventually translate into more revenue and profit for your company.

Advanced Customization Options – A vacation rental property management company usually needs more content as it scales up. With the right CMS, not only will you be able to create, edit, and publish all the content you need, you can easily develop property-specific content marketing strategies as well. A CMS can also make available a series of tools that you can use to modify the overall look, design, and layout of your listings and web pages, and add different plugins and extensions that can make your web pages and website more user-friendly. Additionally, some systems make available special features that allow property managers to add or update different policies and procedures for specific properties or for all vacation rentals simultaneously. Whatever your needs, remember that a CMS should be flexible enough to match your preferences as well as the preferences of the most popular OTAs. 

Seamless Integration – Nowadays, when most of the booking process is done online, advertising your properties on the internet is a necessity. But in order to make the most of a particular CMS system, it should integrate perfectly with the booking management, revenue management, and property management software solutions that you use so that potential guests can easily check your availability and nightly rates before they book a piece of property. A CMS that doesn’t connect properly to the other modules of your lodging system may cause different synchronization errors, which could negatively affect your revenue, profit, and business reputation. Another benefit of choosing an industry-specific content management system that integrates seamlessly with the other features of the vacation rental management system you use is that you and your staff will no longer waste time on different manual tasks.

For a lodging company that manages multiple vacation rentals, JANIIS provides one of the most comprehensive vacation rental management systems that is integrated with the most popular OTAs as well as the world’s top third-party software solutions. To learn more about our solution and how it can help your company succeed, we invite you to schedule a free personal demo today!