Work that flows.

You switch to new vacation rental software to make your business easier, not more complicated. We make it simple with the industry’s only purpose-built onboarding and accounting tools, so you can gain greater insights to retain your best customers.  

Manage. Easily.

Janiis is fast, easy onboarding and training with meticulous, labor-saving tools that are as simple and intuitive as they are powerful.


We take it personally.

When it comes to onboarding, training, and support, we are the only provider with a single dedicated representative, alleviating the need for needlessly being diverted to various levels of customer service.
Two young men wearing matching blue shirts with the word "software" on them, sitting in chairs, they have headphones around their necks. They are smiling.

Profit. Painlessly.

Janiis builds profit into lodging management by increasing transparency and control while automating essential tasks with unmatched reliability and precision.

Grow. Rapidly.

Whether growth comes from filling more properties or adding more properties, Janiis scales seamlessly to grow with you.

Gain & Retain the Best Customers.

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