The Vacation Rental industry has been around for a while now. You would think, that with it having such a rich history, there would also be a distinct amount of adaptation. Specifically, change that makes property manager’s lives easier…but not so. To this day, the thing that haunts us the most about your routine as a property manager is the amount of repeated data entry. The idea of having to put the exact same information in multiple channels multiple times is the worst. On top of that, if a price is changed, you have to go through and make sure the price is updated on all channels. Then if a listing is booked, you once again have to go into each individual area and make sure it’s updated correctly so someone else doesn’t book the same room on a different channel. The repetition needed just to ensure smooth operations is endless.

Hard pass on that.

This is something that has to stop- it’s a redundant and dead end way of doing things. Your time as a property manager is far too valuable to be steeped in data entry, and your money is far too valuable to pay someone else to do it. It’s time for software to step in, and JANIIS rose to the challenge.

To solve this problem, we created the Global Library. It has a few different components, so bear with us as we describe them all, but we promise it will be worth your incredibly valuable time.


To start off in our software, you create your listing. You add pictures, descriptions, policies, and maybe, depending on the listing, amenities, taxes, fees, and rates. You put as much detail into the listing as you can, but you only do it once. After you’ve filled everything out, that listing is distributed to each of the channels you’re marketing on. All the information you’ve put in is displayed correctly on each of the sites. Any time you update anything within JANIIS, from a price, to a picture, to a booking- that change is dynamically updated. Kiss those days of having to repeatedly double and triple check all your channels to make sure all your listings match, goodbye.

Actually, don’t kiss them. They don’t deserve it.

Now, you could of course update things on a listing by listing basis if each one needs individual attention. However, the Global Library contains the functionality to set rates, taxes, fees, restrictions, and seasonality strategies and then apply them to properties all in one go.


For example, if you have taxes that are the same for multiple properties, versus going into each listing and repeatedly adding the same tax, you simply create a strategy once and then associate it to all the properties it applies to.


Versus having to go into each listing and add the various applicable fees, you can just add a fee strategy once and then apply it to the corresponding properties. Instead of adding all your multiple season groups, setting reminders in your calendar to change them depending on the date, not to mention editing the pricing repeatedly per listing, you can set up the various seasonality strategies once, enter the dates you want them active, associate them to your listings, and then get on with your day.


Remember the ‘set it and forget it’ guy? It’s like that, except rad software.

Our goal is to severely reduce, if not eliminate, the tedium of managing multiple listings on multiple channels. Not to mention save you time and money. Cause you’re busy and you ain’t got time for tedium. We got you.

Problem? Solved.

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