How many different software programs do you as a property manager have? 2? 3? Don’t we all wish; it’s probably more like 6 or 7. We could wax poetic about the various ways your individual softwares could be improved, but in this post we’re focusing on one thing: front facing guest interactions. We found that most softwares that were used for this incorporated far too much process in order to accomplish one easy task: check guests in and out. Most of the systems were so complex, that just figuring out the software itself was a hassle. On top of that, once you figured out how to check them in, the software didn’t integrate with other necessary programs. For example, when a guest checked out, there was no way to automatically trigger housekeeping to clean the room. Bridging the gaps required a lot of manual process. A lot of manual process = a lot of time.

We think your time is more valuable than that. We think software should decrease the amount you have to worry. That it should make your daily operations simpler.

To solve that problem, we created our Front Desk. To check a guest in or out, all you do is drag & drop. When you check a guest out, the unit automatically pops into the Housekeeping queue.

No more steep learning curves before you can effectively use the program. No more frustrations on how it doesn’t pull the necessary information from your booking engine. No more manually making up for gaps in process. Since Front Desk is housed within the JANIIS Platform, any update is displayed dynamically and in real time.

All of your bookings from your different channels, including your website, will feed into this page. Here, you can view a full list of all the guests staying in your resorts, and then search their name in order to check them in. You can also view their profile if you need to make any adjustments.

By clicking into their profile, you are given the options to check them in or out, modify the dates of their stay, and (heaven forbid) cancel their reservation.

If they’re curious at all as to the itemization of their bill, you can click on “See Rate Breakdown” and it will show you each individual charge. You can also edit or add anything to their bill as needed.

This is all contained within our platform. A single login. So once you’re done checking in a guest, you don’t have to log out of the Front Desk in order to get back to managing your listings. You can jump right into Housekeeping and make sure all your upcoming units are cleaned. Or check the progress of the couch reupholstery for room 202 in Maintenance. Your daily process is uninterrupted, and more importantly, it’s simple. Software should make your life easier, which is what we’re here for.

Problem? Solved.