JANIIS CEO and Short Term/Vacation Rental Industry Expert Jason Hahn explains what JANIIS is, and why modern property managers love our next generation vacation rental software. Ask yourself these 5 questions to see if JANIIS is right for you!


Janus is the Roman god of new beginnings, which is why we named our business after him. We wanted to be the new way of operating a vacation rental management business in the 21st century.

What is JANIIS?

JANIIS is next generation vacation rental software, for the modern property manager. Our software helps companies grow their inventory, increase their profits, and dramatically improve daily process at the ground level.

Property managers across the nation are finding that they don’t just get a property management system with JANIIS, they gain a responsive tech partner, led by industry experts.

For more on how we’re industry experts visit our about page.

Is JANIIS Right For You?

5 Questions


Question 1.

How many units do you manage?

JANIIS is ideal for companies managing 2 to 250 properties

Question 2.

What channels do you use today?

JANIIS is great for companies looking to increase their distribution strategy.

Question 3.

Are you looking to grow your unit count?

By cutting out complicated & manual process, JANIIS saves property managers time, so they can focus more on scaling their business.

Question 4.

Are you hoping to make the day-to-day for your staff easier and more efficient?

We built our software after hundreds of hours shadowing live property managers, in their offices, just being a fly on the wall watching them work. Every product we’ve built, we put through an optimization process with the purpose of removing manual data entry, removing duplicate steps, reducing delay times, and filling industry gaps with new tech nol ogy. This means the work life of every employee will be improved, just by adopting JANIIS as your system.

Question 5.

Do you enjoy waiting 6 months to onboard to a new PMS?

Ha, trick question…nobody does. That’s why at JANIIS, we have made it possible to onboard to our full PMS offering in 20 days or less.