You walk into your vacation rental…and an eerie feeling settles over you. Something’s off. You wander around- check under the beds, in the corners of the closets, nothing is out of the ordinary. Then it dawns on you: you’re bored. We’ve all been there. You as a property manager create these wonderful, clean spaces that will appeal to as many visitors as possible. But then you settle into your routine, and after a while you find yourself craving something different. If you’re wanting to fix this, you’re in the right place! This blog post is going to go over 5 ways to keep things fresh for your vacation rental.

1) Switch Out Accessories

Since you’re running a business, chances are very high you have every penny allotted for. There might not be too much wiggle room to spend on frivolous (aka: expensive) new décor. A super easy and price effective way to switch things up is to add a few new accessories, ie: candles, a vase, a couple ornaments, and so on. If you have the time and/or inclination, sifting through a thrift shop can result in a couple gems. Even just by changing the colors of the items you have can really help break up the boredom you feel with your rentals. 2eddae_bdce3f458b5b419881a72446f55a4a90~mv2_d_4096_2730_s_4_2

2) Replace the Bedding

2eddae_c9a7d80baf2b4c24b12829e35977d34b~mv2 When we’re traveling, one of the biggest things we pay attention to is the bed. That’s one of the greatest reasons we’ve booked a vacation rental; we need a nice place to sleep and enjoy. If we don’t feel like the bed is comfortable, or that the sheets are nice and clean, it puts a significant damper on the experience. Bedding can be expensive, but places like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target will often run sales where you can pick up a new set of sheets. We know it sounds a little silly, but changing the color of a blanket, or even just adding a couple new throw pillows will really help add character to a plain room.

3) Boost the Bathroom

The second place that makes a huge difference is the bathroom. Clean is the biggest thing, but personality is a close second. Bath mats are fairly cheap and easy to find, and once you have a collection of a couple you can rotate through them until your heart’s delight. New towels are also wonderful, especially ones that compliment the color scheme. 2eddae_565260ee55d64054adc10e042b09d824~mv2

4) One Word: Plants

2eddae_134d0db87080484e8161883023812c59~mv2_d_6000_4000_s_4_2 They don’t even have to be real. In fact, they probably should be fake. That way you never have to water them or worry about them, you can just run a duster over them every now and then. A little green will always help add a fresh, home-y element to any room. Ikea has some incredibly inexpensive options (you can order online if there isn’t one in your area), and second hand stores often have great pots & random knick knacks you can re-purpose into a great planter.

5) Fresh Coat of Paint

This is if you have time, hence why it’s last on the list. However, if you do have the means, changing a wall color or repainting a whole room can really add some extra panache. Again, don’t be afraid of accent colors. If your bedding or an accessory in the room is already a certain color, there’s a high chance a similar color will look great on a wall and will automatically compliment your decor’. Something to note is that blues & greens are more serene, while reds & yellows convey energy. So choose wisely when deciding on colors. 2eddae_1513234b40834acaa5f3e3670654a5d1~mv2_d_5472_3648_s_4_2

Generally, cooler colors are better for bedrooms; brighter colors work well in communal spaces. Even if you aren’t feeling a new color and have all white walls, refreshing the paint will absolutely be worth it. We’ve mentioned before that it’s a sad fact people are little more critical in new spaces. Seeing that the owner really cares about the property, that they’re making efforts to keep it up, will make any visitor feel more at home.

We hope these tips will help you once you decide to spruce up your rentals.