Finding steady and reliable distribution and listing partners is a must for anyone who wants to take their short term vacation rental business to the next level. There are the no-brainer sites, like VRBO and Airbnb, that almost everyone uses; but there are also (seemingly) hundreds of other sites that you can use as well. Choosing where else to list your properties can be overwhelming, so we’ve done some leg work and chosen a few we think you should consider.

Here are 3 hidden gem listing sites you may want to consider in order to fill your vacation rental vacancies quickly.


Previously named Zaranga, VaycayHero has recently undergone a major renovation. Created to take the hassle out of booking vacation rentals, VaycayHero currently provides a clean site, different search tools, an integrated customer portal that ensures a smooth booking experience, and more than 13,000 vacation rentals available in different locations across the United States. To ensure the best possible service, the site only lists professionally managed vacation properties. Additionally, a team of professionals verifies the validity of any information provided by owners and property managers, updating rates and availability on a regular basis.

Before creating your account, though, it’s important to know that VaycayHero curates every listing, which means that you can’t just sign up on your own. However, the good news is that the site doesn’t charge any listing fees. That’s right, posting vacation properties on VaycayHero is completely free.


CuddlyNest goes beyond the services provided by other vacation rental websites. Not only does this site list a wide variety of accommodation options, including vacation rentals, hotels, and hostels; it also allows property managers and owners to tap into the global market. Thus, the greatest thing about using this service is that owners and property managers can scale up their businesses by giving their properties maximum exposure, reaching travelers from all over the world, and generating more online bookings. 

What’s more, with its clean design, straightforward listing process, and innovative booking fee-sharing model, CuddlyNest has the potential to become a one-stop shop for the travelers looking for accommodations around the world. And because they only charge a 3% commission fee per booking, which is one of the lowest rates in the market, property managers and owners are able to offer guests a lower booking price. Over time, this may translate into a higher number of guests and more revenue.  


Founded back in 2008, CanadaStays has quickly become the booking destination for many Canadians. As one of the most renowned sites for vacation rentals with great brand recognition in Canada, this website is an ideal place to list your rentals. Why? Because it specializes in providing vacation rentals all over the world. Furthermore, unlike other vacation rental websites, which tend to focus more on metropolitan areas, CanadaStays makes available a wide variety of rental options, which range from cottages in the countryside to resorts, lodges, B&Bs, and big city apartments.

Currently, owners and property managers can choose to pay a flat fee of 8% per booking or, alternatively, 3% per booking in addition to an annual fee of $499 CAD ( about $400 UDS). With these two commission options, which are lower than those of other similar services, CanadaStays makes an excellent vacation rental listing website. As well, the partnership with HomeAway offers CanadaStays website visitors a larger variety of vacation rentals to choose from, which is expected to attract a wider pool of guests over time. 

These are some of the hidden gem listing sites you can use to list your vacation rental properties. As more people are looking for different accommodation options for their vacation, the role of vacation rental sites increases exponentially from year to year. Thus, the more sites you use to advertise your vacation properties, the more bookings you’ll have for each property. As a result, you’ll be able to get more bookings for your rentals and earn more revenue. But if you want to maximize your earnings even more, a good idea is to consider using a rental property management system, which will allow you to handle different aspects of your business hassle-free and easily connect to third-party booking sites like these. For more information about a complete software solution that can take the guesswork out of vacation property management, feel free to get in touch with our professionals today or schedule a personal demo

*This blog has been updated in 2021.