We’ve spent a lot of time surfing Airbnb. Staying in a home versus a hotel for work and leisure travel, rocks. Especially on business trips, it’s such a relief to “come home”. It helps take a significant amount of the day’s weight off and as a traveler, helps you relax.

That being said, there are so many Airbnbs out there to choose from. A listing could have the best description in the whole world, have everything be completely spotless, and yet still feel something to be desired as far as occupancy goes. As a property manager, you could have a fantastic listing yet still be wracking your brain on how to whip up some intrigue for your space.

Which is probably why you’re reading this…so let’s get to that list, we got this.


Picture the first time you looked at the person you loved. Or the first time you looked at a pizza. Remember that feeling? That’s how Airbnb feels about adjectives in their descriptions. The more detail, the better. It doesn’t have to stop there though- you as a property manager can run with that theme. Let’s say your description for your property is “Cozy Mountain Cabin in Beautiful Pine Forest”. You’ve already painted an image for the guest, so adding little touches that furthers that idea will set your space apart from someone else’s. A few fuzzy blankets, or maybe some complimentary graham crackers and marshmallows for smores (and obviously pictures of those things) will help give you that extra step up.



We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, and the saying is plenty applicable as far as vacation rentals go too. It’s one thing to have a great home for someone to stay in, but furthering the guest’s entire experience will also help give you a leg up. Highlighting local events like concerts or farmer’s markets, or leaving a note with suggestions of places to go eat or grab a drink, will let the guest know that you’re invested in their stay and want to make sure they’re happy. On top of that, you’ll naturally be selling not just your vacation rental, but the sense of community in your area.



The little things make all the difference. It’s a sad reality that guests are far more adept at spotting flaws in a home, so if something is amiss they’ll immediately notice. Adding “homey” touches like flowers on the kitchen table, a couple books on the night stand, and nice soap in the bathroom, will make the guest feel more comfortable and more liable to leave you a great review. Which, obviously, will entice other people to book your property. In the words of the great Tina Turner: that big wheel just keeps on turning.